Local Ingredients Matter


Local ingredients maintain freshness longer and that means they retain their nutrients all the way to your plate. We always have the philosophy that sourcing local ingredients is better for you and better for the environment. We know that this is something that matters to you and that’s why we pay so much attention to it. You can see below exactly where in Texas each dish starts.

Texas Local


Anyone I’ve cooked for knows that ingredients matter to me. Local everything. Organic all the time. My philosophy is putting the very best selection of what Texas has to offer in front of you and I stand by what I serve. Local ingredients means you eat what’s fresh in season. Eating seasonally means avoiding “artificial ripening” with gases or eating a bland version of a fruit or vegetable that’s been shipped thousands of miles. Eating seasonally results in the most delicious and nutrient-dense produce. From hors d’oeuvre to dessert, you’ll taste the difference that fresh, organic, and responsibly sourced ingredients make. After you’ve seen where the meal comes from, make sure you see what they can turn into.

High Quality, Local Ingredients
Taylor Byrd Plating

Money spent locally goes to those raising and growing the food in our area, helping our community. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a Tuesday night, a care-free and delicious meal does the mind, body, and soul well.